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We're guessing, like us, you like to change your riding gear this time of year and throw on a few more layers and maybe even some of those waterproof socks..

But do you give as much thought to tweaking your bike set up for the winter.

James takes us through a few key things to think about to make your ride a little more Winter ready.


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Some FAQs about the fantastic new Vorsprung Secus system, to help you better understand its uses and capabilities.

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EBikes Love them or loathe them, EBikes are here to stay and whilst the commuter variant is a fairly simple affair, the progress we've seen in E-MTBs over the last year or so is, it's fair to say, quite staggering. So step inside and see how you can make your ride smoother

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What Is Sag Anyway? Before you do anything else, set your suspension sag. What on earth?? Don’t worry it’s pretty straight forward, here we take you through the steps to correctly set your sag.

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Air or Coil?  Is it as simple as Air shocks are lighter and Coil shocks are more hardcore?  Let’s take a brief look and see if we can debunk some of the noise.


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