Ohlins Service Centre

Official Ohlins MTB Service Centre

We are one of only a few Official Ohlins UK MTB service centres. This means we have access to all the correct tooling, parts, oils, valving specifications and product training, which others don't. This enables us to carry out servicing, tuning and warranty repairs to your Ohlins product, exactly as Ohlins intended.

We have been hand-picked by Ohlins to work with them and give the best level of support for their products. They only want to work with companies that can offer the high level of support that their products require, so we're very proud be be working with them and growing the MTB side of Ohlins.


We also have stock of Ohlins products which you can buy here. Buying from us means you get the best after sales support and you'll get your product knowing that it correct for you and your bike.