About Us

Company : J-TECH Suspension Ltd

Place of Registration : Companies House, Cardiff, UK

Registered Office : Unit B2, Greenwood Court, Cartmel Drive, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 3TB.

Company Registration Number : 8800579

Telephone : +441743 464486

Email : service@j-techsuspension.co.uk



History of J-TECH Suspension Ltd

J-TECH Suspension Ltd is the creation of James Williams – he started riding mountainbikes at the age of 13 and soon became hooked! He couldn’t afford a bike with suspension at the time, but saved up and in 1998 got a Specialized Rockhopper with some Suntour forks.

Soon he realised that these basic forks could perform much better with an oil damper instead of the very basic spring/elastomer setup they had as standard. So he got permission to use the lathe at school in lunch hours and after a few hours of machining, the first ever J-TECH damper was born! A very simple, but effective damper all the same.

At the age of 16 James left school and started work as a cycle mechanic. It was working as a cycle mechanic where he gained much experience of mountainbikes, he was one of the first people in the country to pass the modern Cytech qualifications to the highest level.

James was a Workshop Manager for many years and a head Suspension Technician, also working for British Cycling at World Championship races as a Technician.

James is a keen Motorcycle Trials and Enduro rider also and has gained a great deal of knowledge from those sports and the suspension technology used. James has a passion for suspension that has grown from the day he made his first damper, a passion that he is always trying to improve on – he is not happy until something is working right!



J-TECH can now offer servicing and tuning on a wide range of suspension products. The standard of servicing and tuning is of the best on offer. By using years of experience and data acquired from Data Logging and Dyno testing, J-TECH can offer a calculated service, no guesswork, no myths, no hype, just an honest job done to the highest of standards and the greatest of accuracy.

J-TECH offers a Data Logging service which is not offered by many people in the world, let alone the UK! This is an amazing service that can take away any guesswork or misjudgement when it comes to setting up your suspension. It’s the only way to properly set-up your bike! 

Here at J-TECH we're always pushing forward with new technologies to give you the customer the best possible service.