How do I book a service?


Book online here. You will have to pay a deposit of £20 for your booking, this is only refundable if the item(s) is not repairable or going to cost more than you want to spend, or you request a cancellation 5 working days or more before the date of the booking.


How much will it be?

Please take a look at our service prices here. If your fork or shock is not listed or you are unsure which model you have, please contact us. If your suspension needs extra work and/or parts we will contact you before doing the work with a price. Your £20 Booking Deposit will go against the final invoice value.


Is return postage included in the price?

Return postage is not included in the price. Please see here for shipping costs.


What do I get?

Each and every service/repair/tune is done to the highest of standards, please click here to find out more.



How long will it take?

Your suspension will be done on the day and time you book it in for, subject to availability of parts. Please check the next available booking click here and select a service.



How do I get my suspension to J-TECH?

You can either bring it to J-TECH yourself (map here) or post it to us.
Remove your suspension from your bike and clean it - you will be charged extra for sending in dirty suspension! If you would like us to remove it for you, we can for an extra fee, please contact us for a price.
Make sure you package your suspension with plenty of bubble wrap to prevent damage in transit, it’s best to package it in a good cardboard box. If you are sending a rear shock, it will cost you less if you send it without the spring, but make sure you tell us what size spring it is on your Booking Form. Once booked, you'll be provided with a booking ref number, make sure you clearly mark this number on the parcel along with our address and your address.
You can get your item(s) to us by any means, or we can arrange for our courier to collect from you. Note - don't use Royal Mail or Parcelforce as they may dispose of your package due to pressurized canisters being classed as 'dangerous items'.

How do I pay?

You can pay with cash or credit/debit card if collecting in person or if you are having your suspension posted, you can pay by credit/debit card over the phone, or online via the link on the email invoice that we'll send you. Your suspension will be shipped as soon as payment has been received.


What guarantee do I get?

All work is guaranteed for 3 months against faulty workmanship and/or service parts.



What is Custom Tuning?

This is part of J-TECH’s tuning service, it is modifying shim stack’s and changing air volumes to make your suspension react differently to suit your bike, riding weight and riding style. To find out more click here.