Summer's coming, time to check your service schedule

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Summer's coming, time to check your service schedule

With the sun finally breaking through a mud slowly returning to loam, now is the ideal time to ensure your forks and shocks have been serviced.

Below you'll see links to company suggested service intervals:










What's worth bearing in mind is these are generic intervals pulled together by predominantly American firms, where the clag and damp don't play such a big part.

Service check

As such to ensure maximum performance of your suspension we'd advise reducing these service intervals slightly to take into account the British conditions.

The majority of faults we find and additional parts we replace are due to service intervals not being met.

High performance means naturally more servicing, just like anything high performance. A big part of high performance is reducing friction. To do that, seals are softer and less durable. Many companies use as little oil as possible too, to keep weight down. So it’s more and more important to keep on top of servicing. Not just to save excessive wear, but to keep on top of performance too.

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