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J-TECH 3D Printed Rockshox 32mm Bottomless Tokens

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J-TECH 3D Printed Rockshox 32mm Volume Spacers


These 3D printer volume spacers are the same dimensions as the Rockshox Bottomless Tokens, but with accurate 3D printing we are able to prevent the common cross threading of traditional injection moulded tokens.

Also these volume spacers weight half that of the Rockshox genuine volume spacers so great for those weight watchers looking to save every gram.

Volume spacers reduce the volume of the air chamber. This makes the fork more progressive, helping with bottoming out.

Contrary to what you'll find on various websites, adding volume spacers isn't a good solution to stop diving, it just makes the fork harder, deeper in the travel. If you fit them as a way to stop diving, you will most likely never use all the available travel.

To reduce diving, the compression damping circuits need tuning. We offer a great custom tune for the charger damper that keeps good small bump sensitivity, but gives much better support. Check out the prices here.

For Information on the number of factory fitted tokens and max token numbers please click on the file below.

RockShox Bottomless Token Info

We make use of Onyx a flagship Composite Base material.

This micro Carbon Fibre filled Nylon yields accurate parts with impeccable surface finish

Carbon Fibre filled Nylon is much stronger than other 3D printed materials like PLA or ABS.  In fact it is around 15% stronger, thus allowing us to produce much more robust parts.

It also has a heat deflection rating of 145degC, compared to just over 100degC for ABS and less than 50degC for nylon

Full details can be found here