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Cane Creek DBCoil IL Black

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Note. These shocks are no longer suitable or supported by warranty for Specialized S/Jumper or Levo models.

Custom Tuning included,(worth £85)

We offer a calculated tuning service – using endless data acquired from hours of testing and data logging, we can make calculated and informed decisions on what settings, re-valving and modifications are suitable for you. Your suspension will be thoroughly tested with our dyno facilities and tailored to you and your riding style.

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Free Mount kits:

Mounting Hardware supplied when purchased, (worth up to £35).



Not Supplied With Shock.
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Progressive Valt Spring
Valt Spring



WEIGHT: 285 grams ( damper only: weight varies by size).

DAMPING: Twin Tube independent compression and rebound in two high-speed and four low-speed damping circuits.

ADJUSTMENTS: 4-way independent adjustment:

  • High speed compression
  • Low speed compression.
  • High speed rebound.
  • Low speed rebound.
  • Spring preload.
  • Climb switch. (Newly updated on Trunnion models).

SHAFT MATERIAL: Induction-hardened 4130 steel.

Shaft Diameter: 8mm

Finish: Anodized and Laser Etched

Sizes: New Trunnion sizes added.


For years riders have had to sacrifice carrying the weight of a coil shock in order to get the performance and consistency they desired. The DBcoil IL is the first ever twin-tube inline shock that packs in all of the function of a piggyback coil shock in a lighter (*333g difference) and sleeker package. Equipped with a VALT®* lightweight spring, Climb Switch technology, 4-way adjustability and unparalleled Double Barrel performance, the DBcoil IL dominates aggressive descents with superior small bump compliance, heat dissipation and linear spring action.
All shocks are built to order by hand in our facility in North Carolina, USA.
Setting the DBcoil IL apart from other inline shocks, oil circulates continuously through externally adjustable shock valves. Twin-tube shocks have two main chambers, a compression chamber, and a rebound chamber, separated by the adjustable valves. The main damping piston forces damping oil between the compression and rebound chambers via the externally adjustable damping valves. Compared to other shocks in its class, Cane Creek inline shocks use significantly more oil in the damper; 40-50% more oil. On the trail, this routing of oil translates into less fade, more control, and greater consistency
Climb Switch (CS) Technology – CS shocks have four low-speed damping circuits and two high-speed damping circuits. When engaged, the low-speed damping is changed via a set of internal “climbing circuits.” We tune these circuits specifically for the demands of off-road climbing to achieve improved pedal efficiency with less chassis motion. Unlike other climbing platforms, our CS feature adjusts both low-speed compression and rebound.
The performance of your coil shock is directly related to the quality of your spring. VALT springs offer a significant weight reduction over standard steel springs. Progressive-Rate VALT springs maintain the sensitivity and “set it and forget it” mentality of a traditional coil set up, but with the progressiveness and ramp up that hard-charging riders demand. Progression begins at 50% into the stroke of the spring.


Action Interval
Clean and Lubricate Every Ride
Inspect for scratches to stanchions, dents and other signs of wear Every Ride
Check bushing and mounting bolt torque Every 15hrs use
Full Service Every 100hrs of use / 12 months whichever comes first.