Burgtec Offset Mount Kit

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Burgtec Offset Mount Kit

We can supply in any size from 16.5mm wide up to 45mm wide, with 6mm or 8mm ID.

Here's what Burgtec say...

"For years the offset hardware has been used covertly on World Cup circuit by many of the top riders. The offset hardware allows the head angle to be easily manipulated simply by shortening or lengthening the effective eye to eye of the shock.

In recent times as the trend leans towards steeper and faster tracks the bushes have been used to relax the head angle. This makes the bike feel more stable at speed and even more planted on steep sections by throwing the front wheel further forward. The bushes can be used in the opposite way to steepen the head angle to improve the bikes geometry for sprinting if the track is more pedalling orientated. This pitches the rider more to the front of the cockpit and more on top of the bars which is better for sprinting.

The Burgtec hardware allows between 1 and 1.5 degrees of angle alteration depending on the shock bolt size of your frame. 6mm frames will naturally get the greatest amount of alteration with the 8mm frames getting 1 degree.

Our hardware was used by Marc Beaumont when he won at Val Di Sol 2010 World Cup. After Marc’s victory more and more riders approached us about slacking there head angle through the Burgtec offset shock hardware. So we decided to make small production run. “The offset Hardware helped me to get The perfect position on my GT Fury, ready to go Win at Val di Sole and have my best year to date” said Marc.

The hardware is made from grade 5 Titanium. Which is significantly lighter than its steel hardware counterpart but still maintaining the same excellent wear rating when compared to OE Aluminum ones; Approximately 3 times. The hardware comes supplied with a proprietary o-ring seal to keep out as much of the elements as possible. As well as DU bushes.

The Hardware will suit all ½” shock eyelets so Fox, Marzocchi, Rock Shox 08 onwards."

We can supply in any size from 16.5mm wide up to 45mm wide, with 6mm or 8mm ID, please add a note to your order with the size(s) that you require.

ID - inside diameter of the shaft, so the size of the bolt that goes trough the centre.

Width - the length of the shaft, so the distance between the mounting points on your frame where the mount kit is to fit in.

Example - ID 8mm, Width 22mm

For all shocks with 1/2" compatible mounting hardware.

Shocks that require 1/2" mount kits have a 15.07mm eyelet and use a 12.7mm shaft.


Manufacturer  Compatible
Fox All Fox Shocks
Rockshox All Rock Shox Shocks
Marzocchi All Marzocchi Shocks
Ohlins Please Contact/Measure
Cane Creek All IL Models, Other models please contact/measure.
Bos 2016 Onward, Pre-16 use 12mm
Manitou Some Models, Please measure
X-Fusion Some Models, Please measure