NEW Ohlins DH Fork and BOY does this thing look good

NEW Ohlins DH Fork and BOY does this thing look good

As an approved service centre for Ohlins we are always excited to see what new products they bring through

their range of trail forks have been sparking real interest and the perfromance of their range cannot be overlooked.

Newly launched in June2018 is their DH Race Fork.

From concept to double world champion in 1 year, everything about this Öhlins DH Race Fork is fast.

When races are decided by thousandths of second, there is no room for error.

Whether you are racing between the tape or trying to hit that next gap on your favourite section, you have the support and control to push further, faster and harder than before.

Öhlins TTX 18 cartridge kit features downhill-optimized 18 mm piston for improved small bump sensitivity and increased damping pressure bandwidth to achieve improvements in damping valve response and sensitivity.

15 clicks of low speed compression and low speed rebound and 5 clicks of high-speed compression. Twin piston three chamber air spring system, isolated from the upper tubes to reduced heat build up and featuring Total Tune Spring Curve System (TTSC) allowing total air spring tuning from the initial movement through to the bottom out.

Now available for pre-order. -

Don't forget we strip and tune each fork to your individual settings before we send it out, so you are not only getting a World Cup Level fork, but also precision tuning by our expert team.


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