A Chat With Joe Breeden

A Chat With Joe Breeden

At the end of last month we announced that we are going to be supporting the Intense Factory Racing team for 2024

We are super excited about this, especially as we will be working with long time friend of the business and all-round nice guy, Joe Breeden. 

Joe has known Jim for a long time and has trusted Jim's advice on suspension setup for a lot of his downhill racing life. So when the opportunity came up, it completely made sense. 

We took a minute to catch up with Joe and hear a little bit about how the team came together and their plans for the 2024 season 🙌 


First off, massive congratulations on getting this team together, what a lineup!

How did it all come about?

Thank you :) Well it was no easy task that’s for sure.. It started with a strong motivation to stay with Intense and an opening to run a race team with them. 

You’ve just got back from a team training trip in California, how did it go? Was it good to finally get the team assembled? 

This was a huge milestone for the team, I had expended a lot of energy trying to envision and piece together a team that is united, and create a great environment for all to work in. I know California was only our first week together, but I was so stoked with how everyone pulled together to make it a fun and productive trip.

What’s the focus for the team for 2024? 

Help our riders progress race by race and continue to grow positive relationships with all our supporting brands.

What’s your suspension setup going to be for the 2024 season? 

We are running Öhlins all round :D

Why Ohlins? 

From all the suspension testing, analysis and tech conversations I have had over the years, I firmly believe that with the support of J-Tech, it is the suspension that gives the team the highest chances of reaching our performance targets. 

What do you hope Jim and J-Tech Suspension will bring to the team? 

I have worked closely with Jim and J-Tech under the radar since I was a Youth. I know what they can bring to the table in the way of suspension tuning, set up and servicing and I am excited for the rest of our riders to have the chance to benefit from the extensive experience and knowledge that Jim and the team at J-Tech are willing to share with us.

How’s the new INTENSE M1? 

I have spent 5 years of my career riding for Intense, the last 2 helping develop the new M1. I have formed great relationships and an attachment to the brand. But without a race winning bike, It would have been a difficult decision to stay. Fortunately the M1 I believe is one of the best, if not the best DH bike out there right now, it perfectly suits our riders and gives us the highest chances of achieving our goals.

How is it being head of the team?

I love it, I have a great understanding of ‘performance’ and being a professional racer myself I can listen to and truly understand the riders point of view. I also enjoy forming relationships and connecting. But without the passionate team of management around me - Jon Stout, Mark Griffiths and Oliver Morris it would not be possible, so a huge shout out to those guys. 

What races will you be targeting this year? 

The team will be focusing mainly around the World Cup DH series, but also including some Red Bull Hardline, Crankworx and National race events.

There you have it, a look into what to expect from the team this year. To say we're excited about the year ahead is an understatement! We can't wait to see what 2024 brings. Thanks for the chat Joe, we'll be keeping you all updated on how the season progresses with more in-depth insight to some of the work that goes on behind the scenes to keep a World Cup race team's suspension running perfectly. 

If you're reading this and starting to think about your own race season, get in touch and see what we can do for you to achieve your racing ambition in 2024. You'll have access to all the same knowledge and experience that Joe and the team have. 

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