J-Tech Suspension to Support Intense Factory Racing for 2024!🔥🔥🔥

J-Tech Suspension to Support Intense Factory Racing for 2024!🔥🔥🔥

You may have already seen it reported, but we're absolutely stoked to bring you the news that for the 2024 season we're going to be providing suspension tuning services to the INTENSE Factory Racing Downhill team. 

Intense Factory Racing Team. photo 2024

Joe Breeden's a long time friend of the business and him and Jim go way back so when Joe took over the team, Jim and J-Tech Suspension were the obvious choice. 

Intense M1 Intense Factory Racing

The team for 2024 is full of hitters, we've got Joe Breeden, Louise Ferguson, Oscar Griffiths and Ryder Lawrence.

Intense Factory Racing Intense M1 Öhlins Fork with J-Tech Suspension sticker

The team have been out in California for a training camp where they are already producing some amazing content. Everyone is looking rapid, and the bike is looking 😮‍💨

With the bike, kit and suspension all looking on point, the team is an exciting prospect for 2024, expect to see a lot of content from the team going forward, with some behind the scenes stuff from races and some sneak peeks at some top secret tuning in the workshop in Shrewsbury. 

The team are going to be running the Öhlins DH38 Race Fork TTX18 and the Öhlins TTX22 m.2 Coil Shock. Of course, these already awesome pieces of kit will get the full J-Tech Suspension treatment, customised exactly to each riders needs. 

Ohlins DH forkÖhlins DH Shock

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