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WPS Podium Piston Kits

WPS Podium Piston Kits


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These are available for fitment in our workshop only, please check out our service price list for fitting costs. 

WPS Podium Piston Kits - more flow, more performance!

High flow piston and shim tuning kit to give you more grip, more control and ultimately, faster segments!  

Hard anodised, CNC machined, aerospace-grade aluminium pistons. Manufactured to high tolerances, every piston performs the same and fits perfectly every time. 

WPS have worked tirelessly to find a flow rate that gives a wide range of tuning, without restricting oil flow, for excellent repetitive bump recovery and no spiking on the harshest of hits. 

It's not just about more flow, it's also about turbulence - we've designed the shape of the ports to give a turbulent flow, for a faster response. The result - more grip, better support and ultimately, faster segments. 

The Fox Float/DH X2 variants include both base and dynamic pistons and shim stacks, so it's.

All kits get high-quality shims, for consistency and durability. Low friction glide rings give more sensitivity, as well as reduced fade, due to their split design. 

The Rockshox Super Deluxe Coil MY23 is a special design, using triangulated shims in order to get enough flow through the piston, with the limited space available. It's a tried and tested design - it's been used in motorcycles for many years and WPS have extensively tested it, with great results.

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