Vorsprung Smashpot Topcap

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Vorsprung Smashpot Topcap

Changing you fork model ?

Want to keep your Smashpot ?

If you are changing fork brand, you will also need to replace the Footstud.


CNC Machined Alloy

Swapping your Smashpot to another fork? You'll need the right top cap for that fork. If you're changing between fork brands, you'll also need the appropriate foot stud.
  • Changing travel? Grab yourself an extra length of heat shrink to reapply to the cartridge tube and a Travel Change Kit.
  • Got a 2021 Fox 36 that you want to move your Smashpot over to? You'll need the 20mm top cap adapter to correct the fork travel. 2015-20 Fox 36s don't need the adaptor.
  • All Fox 36/Marzocchi Z1 top caps now ship with the 20mm adapter.
  • Ohlins RXF38 topcaps are now available. They must be used with the new spring isolator. If a customer happens to have an existing Smashpot that they wish to adapt to an RXF38, they must purchase a spring isolator along with the top cap (and footstud if required).
  • The Zeb topcap & fitment becomes compatible with the Domain with the new spring isolator. The legacy Zeb topcap kit does not work with the Domain if using the PVC liner.