SKF Dual Compound Fork Seal Kits

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SKF Seal Kits

This new, completely redesigned seal adds to SKF's already comprehensive range of seals that have been on the market for over 10 years. The changes made consist of new compounds and new shapes and geometries for both lipes (the mud scraper and the oil sealing lip).

The combination of different compounds in the mold in addition to the improved characteristics of the sealing lips guarantee an innate smoothness on the stem while maintaining excellent protection. In addition, a new metal insert has been introduced coupled with an open coil sealing spring that drastically reduces the entry of contaminants.

With more than 100 years of expertise in the design and manufacturing of seals and with over 60 years of experience in the two-wheeler industry, we are a reliable partner for this extremely dynamic market. The personal passion and the profound expertise of our engineers enable us to offer high performance sealing products to meet the ever increasing demands in this arena. Over the years, we have been partnering with the major racing teams, both on-road and off-road, and helped them to meet their toughest challenges in the most demanding environments. Our solutions have helped them reach the podium and capture numerous championships in various different racing disciplines worldwide.

SKF fork seal kits for mountain bikes are made of the same self-lubricating compound developed for superior sealing performance in motor bike applications.

The advantages of double compound seals are::

  • Longer life of the seal.
  • Increased protection against external agents.
  • Greater protection of the components inside the fork.
  • Better smoothness and control of the bike.

Fork seal kit for mountain bikes, developed to provide low friction during operation and maximum ground contact for the ultimate riding feeling.

WPS Seal Press - Precision made from a high durability polymer making fitting your seals easy for years to come.

RSP Slick Kick Slick Kick is a lithium-free special grease for lubricating shock absorbers and forks.

RSP Air Fluid - Air Fluid is the special lubrication fluid for the lubrication of sliding surfaces and bearings in suspension forks and dampers.

Motul Lower Leg Oil - A fully synthetic suspension fluid, designed to provide the ultimate performance, a low friction additive gives a super smooth feel.

Lower Leg Service Bundles Now Available Click HERE - Select the items needed to service your fork.

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