Rockshox 35mm Bottomless Token Kit

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Rockshox 35mm Bottomless Token Kit

Kit includes 3x Bottomless tokens to fit either RS Pike/Revelation SoloAir/Debonair 2014+, Lyrik/Yari SoloAir/Deboniar 2016+ ,Boxxer World Cup/Debonair 2015+ and Zeb 2020+.

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 35 GOLD/35 SILVER. - Please see 32mm Bottomless tokens.

Bottomless tokens reduce the volume of the air chamber. This makes the fork more progressive, helping with bottoming out.

Contrary to what you'll find on various websites, adding tokens isn't a good solution to stop diving, it just makes the fork harder, deeper in the travel. If you fit them as a way to stop diving, you will most likely never use all the available travel.

To reduce diving, the compression damping circuits need tuning. We offer a great custom tune for the charger damper that keeps good small bump sensitivity, but gives much better support. Check out the prices here.

For Information on the number of factory fitted tokens and max token numbers please click on the file below.


Tools Required;

Top Cap Sockets