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Reverb B1/AXS Lower Tube C-Clip

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Reverb B1/AXS Lower Tube C-Clip

Many of the B1/AXS Reverbs are suffering from the C-clip in the base of the post rusting to nothing. Prevent or resolve this issue with these stainless steel replacements.

It's a super easy change that takes no more than a few seconds!

No longer will you have to suffer from a sudden breakage of your new B1 Reverb.

*B1 Reverbs contain the golden Rockshox logo just below the seat clamp.
*AXS Reverbs are electronically operated using wireless remote.

Not Compatible with A1 and A2 Posts.

During re-assembly we recommend using RSP Slick KickIt’s easy: Apply Slick Kick generously to all moving parts and seals when servicing shock absorbers and forks.