Ohlins RXF36 Coil Springs

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Ohlins RXF36 Coil Springs

Fork springs for Ohlins RXF36 Coil forks
Ohlins fork spring are very high quality and have a maximum tolerance of 1,5%, making them more accurate then most other on the market.

Spring Options and Weight Recommendations:

  • 6.1N/mm (35lb/in) - Red - 100lbs/45kg
  • 7.0N/mm (40lb/in) - Yellow - 120lbs/55kg
  • 7.9N/mm (45lb/in) - Green - 140lbs/64kg
  • 8.8N/mm (50lb/in) - Blue - 160lbs/73kg
  • 9.7N/mm (55lb/in) - White 180lbs/82kg  - Fitted as Standard
  • 10.6N/mm (60lb/in) - Black 200lbs/91kg
  • 11.5N/mm (65lb/in) - Red/Black/Red 220lbs/100kg