Ohlins Chassis Service kit - SKF

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Ohlins Chassis Service Kit - SKF

Fitted as standard to the RXF Evo and RXF M.2 Forks. 

Compatible with the following forks:

  • RXF34 m.2
  • RXF36 m.2
  • RXF38 m.2
  • DH38

The SKF seals are part of the RXF36 EVO upgrade and are now fitted as standard across the RXF36 range.
Offering a superior Sealing vs Low friction ratio, these are a must for any weekend warriors and racing thoroughbred alike.

    Kit Includes:
  • 2 x SKF Seals.
  • 2 x Foam Rings.
  • 2 x Rubber Bottom Out Stops.
  • 1 x Travel Indicator O-ring.
  • WPS Seal Press - Precision made from a high durability polymer making fitting your seals easy for years to come.

    Ohlins Seal Press- The official seal press from Ohlins.

    Ohlins Home Service Products - Range of other essential products from Ohlins for home service work.