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Fox 36 NA2 EVOL Air Shaft Assembly

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Fox 36 NA2 EVOL Air Shaft Assembly 

Suitable for all Fox 36 forks using the NA2 Float EVOL Air Spring

Shaft Assemblies can be used to increase or reduce the forks travel for both 27.5" and 29" wheel models.

27.5" - Max Travel 180mm

29" - Max Travel 170mm

Now featuring the updated top out bumper!

Year Float Air Spring Talas Air Spring
 2020 Fox 36 NA2

 2019 Fox 36 NA2

2019 Fox 36 Rhythm 

2018 Fox 36 NA2

2017 Fox 36 NA

2016 Fox 34 NA

When adjusting your forks travel you are also adjusting the ratio between;

Air Chamber Volume: Wheel Travel 

For example, if you reduce your wheel travel travel you need to increase the number of Volume spacers to maintain the same level of progression.
To purchase volume spacers click HERE

Lower Leg Service

To fit the air shaft the lowers will need removing, why not carry out a lower leg service? Lower leg service kits HERE