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J-TECH Suspension EXT Adjuster Tool

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Tool for EXT shock adjusters.

3D printed in carbon fibre filled nylon, this a great little tool featuring a 12mm Hex for the HSC adjusters and a 4mm Allen Key for the LSC adjuster.

This simple little tool is easy to slip into your pocket or strap to your top tube.
Its compact size means it's always there, ready when you are! 

It doesn't mark your adjusters like other tools, but is durable enough to withstand the low torque of an adjuster.

Made From Carbon re-enforced Nylon 

We make use of Onyx, a flagship Composite Base material.

This micro Carbon Fibre filled Nylon yields accurate parts with impeccable surface finish

Carbon Fibre filled Nylon is much stronger than other 3D printed materials like PLA or ABS.  In fact it is around 15% stronger, thus allowing us to produce much more robust parts.

It also has a heat deflection rating of 145degC, compared to just over 100degC for ABS and less than 50degC for nylon

Full details can be found here 

This tool is suitable for use with the following shocks:
EXT Storia
EXT Arma
EXT eStoria