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Cane Creek

Cane Creek Coil IL G2 Shock

Cane Creek Coil IL G2 Shock


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Note. These shocks are no longer suitable or supported by warranty for Specialized S/Jumper or Levo models.

Free Tuning and Mount Kits!

Custom Tuning included (worth £85)

We offer a calculated tuning service – using endless data acquired from hours of testing and data logging, we can make calculated and informed decisions on what settings, re-valving and modifications are suitable for you. Your suspension will be thoroughly tested with our dyno facilities and tailored to you and your riding style.

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Free Mount kits:

Mounting Hardware supplied when purchased, (worth up to £35).


Not Supplied With Shock.

Unsure of which spring you need? Click here for our spring calculator.

Progressive Valt Spring
Valt Spring
Key Features

Weight: +/- 280g* (Coil – 210) *without spring, varies by size

Damping: DB Twin-Tube independent compression and rebound in two high-speed and two low-speed damping circuits.


  • High speed compression & rebound
  • Low speed compression & rebound
  • Climb Switch

Read what Cane Creek has to say.

Packing class-leading performance in a smaller and stronger package, the next generation of Cane Creek’s Coil IL gives riders maximum control over their ride with twin-tube technology and 4-way external adjustability. Designed and tested for improved suspension performance, increased reliability and seamless compatibility with more trail bikes than ever before. The new Cane Creek Air IL and Coil IL shocks are ready to take on anything your next all-day epic or quick rip has in store.

Built with Cane Creek DB Twin-Tube Technology, the all new IL shocks have the widest range of damping adjustability on the market – designed to bring a new level of control to XC and Trail Bikes. The Coil IL provides riders with accessible external adjusters that control the shocks’ High and Low Speed Compression and High and Low Speed Rebound. The DB Twin-Tube four-way control of the Coil IL allows riders to make quick trail-side adjustments to increase pop, improve plushness or add support to their ride.

Four-way adjustability becomes even more accessible with the new integrated tool nested in our CS (Climb Switch) lever. When engaged, the low-speed damping is changed with a set of internal “climbing circuits.” We tune these circuits specifically for the demands of off-road climbing to achieve improved pedal efficiency with less chassis motion. Unlike other climbing platforms, our CS feature adjusts both low-speed compression and rebound.

The performance of your coil shock is directly related to the quality of your spring. VALT springs offer a significant weight reduction over standard steel springs. Progressive-Rate VALT springs maintain the sensitivity and “set it and forget it” mentality of a traditional coil set up, but with the progressiveness and ramp up that hard-charging riders demand. Progression begins at 50% into the stroke of the spring.

Cane Creek’s engineers have upgraded the all new Coil IL with thicker inner damper tubes for increased strength and resilience from forces that the shock has to withstand while being ridden hard. To ensure maximum quality control and performance each and every Cane Creek rear shock is hand assembled and individually dyno tested in our Western North Carolina facility.


Service Pricing

Service Intervals

Action Interval
Clean and Lubricate Every Ride
Inspect for scratches to stanchions, dents and other signs of wear Every Ride
Check bushing and mounting bolt torque Every 15hrs use
Air Can Service Every 100hrs of use / 6 months whichever comes first.
Full Service Every 100hrs of use / 12 months whichever comes first.
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Why J-Tech?

Comprehensive Servicing and Tuning
J-TECH offers servicing and tuning for a diverse range of suspension products, ensuring a broad spectrum of customer needs can be met.

Highest Standards
The standard of servicing and tuning provided by J-TECH is unparalleled, representing the best in the industry.

Data-Driven Approach
Leveraging years of experience and data from extensive data logging and dyno testing, J-TECH provides a calculated service, eliminating guesswork, myths, and hype for a job done with the utmost precision.

Athlete Support
J-TECH backs up its expertise by supporting athletes at all levels, including a world cup DH team, DH world cup riders, and EWS riders, demonstrating their commitment to excellence.

In-House Brand
With their own brand of suspension upgrades, tooling, and spare parts at, J-TECH consolidates their experience and knowledge to offer high-quality products, aiming to optimize your suspension for peak performance.

Continuous Innovation
J-TECH is at the forefront of new technologies, constantly pushing the boundaries to provide customers with the best possible service, ensuring they stay ahead in the dynamic field of suspension technology.