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Andreani Piston Kit

Andreani Piston Kit


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Only available for workshop fitment.

The price shown is exc. service/fitting - For service pricing click here

These are replacement piston kits, that transform the damping of your fork. With increased flow under compression and rebound, these pistons allow for a wider range of tuning. The most noticeable difference is the increased flow under rebound. The piston will allow the fork to recover much faster on repetitive hits, giving you more control and grip. This, combined with new compression shim stacks, drastically reduces harsh feedback through the fork,  giving you outstanding performance and releasing the full potential of your fork.

The piston kits are precision made by Andreani in their Italy-based factory, using technology by Ohlins. This combination has led to possibly the best piston design MTB forks have seen to date!

If you're in any doubt about the benefits this piston kit has to offer, please see the photo comparing the standard Fox Piston (Silver) with the Andreani Piston (Gold). The increased flow rate capable with this upgrade will unleash the full potential of your fork.

In order to ensure correct fitting and optimum performance, we are only offering these kits when fitted at the workshop here. You can either just have the kit fitted to your damper, or you can have a full service at the same time. Please get in touch for fitting prices for your fork. 


Please note this item is only available for fitment in our workshop.

All pricing below includes custom tuning worth £50

 Fitment Type Pricing
Alongside an annual service  Service Price + £125
Fitment to brand new fork (Your Fork) £165
Fitment to brand new fork (Fork supplied by us) £95
Fitment to damper only £160
For other situations please contact us Contact us here

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