Tuning - Riding Type, Rider Abilities and Riding Styles

For us to accurately tune your suspension, we need to know what type of rider you are. When purchasing new suspension or booking in for tuning, we ask a few questions which enable us to correctly calculate spring rates, damper tunes and settings. 

But what do they all mean and which one am I?


Type of Riding

This refers to the genre of riding that you do most of the time. 

DH Race - If you regularly compete in Downhill Racing, be that on a full DH rig or on your "Do It All!" long travel shredder. This should be selected when all that matters is getting down the hill as fast as possible under race conditions.

DH Bike Park - Uplift Every Weekend? DH or Enduro bike. If you often find yourself at Revolution Bike Park, Bike Park Wales or a local DH venue select this option. 

Enduro Race - You take getting to the top under your own steam, spinning up fire roads to get to the top but racing the descents as fast as you can. Under racing conditions when you're pushing, things need to be more supportive. If you are after the fastest time on the descent but still climb back up via your own means, this is for you.

All Mountain - You ride up and over, down and under, around and around. If you're riding rough rocky trails, smooth hard pack descents, rooty tech climbs or enduring an off-piste epic All Mountain sums you up. Some might call it Enduro riding, just not racing. 

XC Trail - When you like to get miles under your belt but avoid the really rough most demanding descents but need the suspension to soak up the trail chatter and sniper roots while still offering a supportive pedal platform.

XC Race - When efficiency is your only objective. You only want to suspension to help out when you most need it, otherwise you want every pedal stroke to count. 


Riding Style

Very Aggressive - You force the bike into every trail feature "Attacking" the track, You plough through rough stuff and the fastest line is your only objective regardless of the terrain. 

Aggressive - You use the bike to your advantage but don't just point and press, you try to be as fast as possible but don't take every risk, but speed is the end game.

Smooth - You calculate all your decisions, taking the smart line, not the straight one! Use features to your advantage to make the line smoother not just straighter.

Confident - You will ride all features within your ability but don't like to push. Riding within your limits to achieve a clean run.

Cautious - You approach the trail features with care. Trying to take the simple line. Trying to keep the bike under control and all times.


Rider Ability

Advanced - Happy on all trail grades and ride the hardest trails. Double Blacks are a regular tick on your riding list and you ride every feature. Racing to a high level - top 20% nationally. 

Intermediate - You are capable of riding the black runs but some features are avoided, feel really comfortable riding red runs and hitting all these features. Racing for mid-pack results nationally.

Beginner - When red runs are the limit of your riding. If you are new to the sport or progressing through the trail grades. Racing for fun maybe.


Please be as honest as possible with your answers - if you're too optimistic - you'll end up with too firm a ride and likewise if you're pessimistic - you might end up with too soft a ride. 

There may be more info you'd like to add, so that's no problem - just add it to your notes section at checkout or the notes section on the booking form.