RCT3 High Speed Compression Modification Information

  RCT3 High Speed Compression Modification Information

As an optional extra for your Pike or Lyrik forks the J-TECH Suspension High Speed Compression Modification (HSC Mod) can be carried out.

What is it?

In short it does what is says on the tin! 
This modification can be carried out during a service and converts the 3 position (Open - Trail - Climb) lever to a High speed compression adjuster.
In place of the 3 Position adjustment you will be able to fine tune the high speed compression of your forks to tailor them to your needs. This additional adjustment allows for more accurate fine tuning and could make the difference when it comes to taking the top step on the podium or beating your mates on Strava. 

How do I have the work done? 

To have the HSC Modification to be carried out during your next service just add it to the notes section along side either a full service, custom tune or full service and custom tune.


Please note this modification is only available on original RCT3 Charger Dampers - This modification can NOT be carried out on any Charger 2 dampers