Updates coming from FOX for their 2019 offering.

Updates coming from FOX for their 2019 offering.


Following on from news earlier this week on the launch of the new HELM29 from Cane Creek, Fox have now released details of a new GRIP2 damper and an update to the FloatX2 shock.



The new internals are claimed to increase performance through less friction, improved compression damping and wider adjustments for additional refinement.

Fox's new FIT GRIP2 damper replaces its RC2 internals and the company reports quite a few improvements.

The GRIP2 cartridge now has four-way tuning with high and low speed compression paired up with high and low speed rebound. 

According to Fox, their variable valve control rebound adjuster lets you tune the valve stiffness instead of simply dialling in more preload, we're intrigued to see how this works.


Float X2

The shock has been updated with a new air can rated up to 300 psi, and a new progressive bottom out bumper that FOX say should help prevent any excessive end-stoke harshness.

A new metal retaining ring replaces the set screw that secured the air can in the previous model, which should be good news for anyone who's lost precious time scouring their floor for a tiny screw.

Fox 40

The 40 also receives the new 4-way adjustable FIT GRIP2 damper.  As well as this a 29" wheel version has been added to the mix.

Finally on the 40 a gloss orange option has been added for those of you looking to add a little extra colour to your bike, or tif you just want to feel a little more 'factory'.


Pricing and availability coming soon!

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