The Valley Burner

The Valley Burner

With the Valley Burner set to take it's first few pedal strokes on Saturday 28th August, we took some time to chat with Adrenaline Sporting Events founder Alan Lewis, about the inspiration behind the event and find out a little more about what you can expect at this new event.
JTech - What was the inspiration for the Valley Burner?     
Alan - I have spent 20 years peddling around the Tanat Valley and always dreamed of holding an event in this beautiful place. Once Nigel (landowner) approached me about a mtb event then it was game on. I quickly had a name and the event was born.

JTech - Tell us a little about Adrenaline sporting Events.
Alan - Adrenaline Sporting Events started bringing events to Shropshire back in 2014, we have a nice blend of running and cycling events across the whole year.
One of our big motivations for starting ASE was to work with local charities to raise much needed funds for them, to date we have raised over £150k. 

JTech - Which charities have you helped over the years and why? 
Alan - Over the years we have helped many local charities, In the early years we tended to help charities that have cared for my family with terminal illness. More recently we have teamed up with 4 charities to ensure we are covering a wider range of help. We currently work with Lingen Davies Cancer Fund, Hope House Ty Gobaith, The Movement Centre and for Valley Burner The Midlands Air Ambulance.

JTech - What help have you received for the valley burner? 

Alan - Once we launched the event the hard work of track building started, Nigel (landowner) and his son along with my Dad and a few friends started making the two lines in the woods, it's been a real family affair with two sessions a week. It's been good fun and very labour intensive. 

JTech - Anybody we know that will be riding?
Alan - We have some very talented local riders coming along but some unknown names from down south and from south Wales so it's hard to know how things will unfold on the day but one thing is for sure the front lads won't be hanging around.....

JTech - What can we expect on the day?
Alan - Sandy from Trailhead will do some free workshops for children before we have Mini Burner for 14-16 years old and then onto the main event of Valley Burner in the afternoon. The main event is 2 hrs long and riders can complete as many laps as they wish.

JTech - What standard of rider is this for?  Do I need a super fast XC bike and legs of steel??
Alan - The ride is challenging with amazing views and switch back climbs. We also have a small quarry section and some nice single track through the woods. 
Speed will only get you so far on this event, as it's two hours you will need a good base of stamina and fitness.  The track will suit most competent riders.

JTech - How can our readers enter the event?
Alan - Entries will close very soon so be quick - you can enter here - Valley Burner Mountain Bike Events - Adrenaline Sporting Events - Adrenaline Sporting Events
We hope the event is a great success, and helps raise lots of money for some great local charities.  
Let's make sure we help make it a success, be sure to tag us and Adrenaline Sporting Events in your pics from the day and we can help spread the word and make this wonderful new event a permanent fixture.
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