Ohlins new TTX1Air - What's the story?

Ohlins new TTX1Air - What's the story?


October 27 Öhlins released a new version of their robust and high performing TTXAir shock.

We are really looking forward to getting this shock into the test bay to see what it is capable of.  In the meantime, take a read at some of the key differences between the new TTX1Air & the existing TTXAir (now TTX2Air)


It is a shock with less air volume and will be called TTX1Air, as it has one air chamber, the current shock will in the future be called TTX2Air, as it has two air chambers.

The main difference between the shocks are air volume, size and weight.  They both feature the same damping system with TTX1Air aimed at bikes that need a more progressive spring and where a smaller shock is needed to fit the frame.



Ohlins high performance, robust air-sprung shock; the TTX1Air offers the same performance as their TTX2Air but in a more compact single can package; for bikes with a more linear shock curve with less need for bigger air volume.



The TTX1Air also features a new slimmer fit end-eye design to fit more frame designs.

The TTX1Air’s compact design weighs 60 grams less than the TTX2Air for a 210x55mm shock.


A specific wiper seal and air sleeve lubrication reduces friction and delivers consistent performance between service intervals.


The TTX1Air combines the superior damping function of the TTX system together with a new air spring design; delivering both improved performance as well as strength.

Öhlins brought the TTX concept into the MTB market and the technology set a new standard in damping function. TTX-Air damping clickers adjust the pressure area on the shims instead of increasing preload, allowing enhanced damping adjustment for added control; without resulting in an unwanted harsh ride feel.

The TTX1Air improves on an already proven package in terms of damping performance and making personalised tuning simple. The metric system design has also allowed an increased bushing overlap, delivering a robust design with improved side load management.


A versatile and ideal choice from more linear trail bikes through to eMTB applications, especially for riders who are looking for a lighter or slimmer shock and also seek the possibility to tune it to their bike and riding style.


To keep a high level of suspension performance it is important to follow the service intervals. The 100-hour air spring service can be performed by the rider or by using an Öhlins authorized service centre (such as ourselves).



To learn more about the compatibility and pricing, head over to the product page

TTX1Air Product Page

TTX2Air Product Page

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