Ohlins – Advanced Suspension Technology

Ohlins – Advanced Suspension Technology

Ohlins was founded in 1976, by Kenth Ohlins and they manufacture a wide range of suspension products for cars, motorbikes and good old Mountain Bikes.

 ohlins HQ

Working alongside the likes of Ferrari, Yamaha, BMW and Ducati, Ohlins have been pioneers in suspension technology over the years.  These tie-ins have helped them find optimal suspension performance through continual R&D.

 Ohlins x FerrariOhlins race support

Headquartered in Sweden, they have subsidiary’s in the USA, Germany and Thailand, they produce over 200k shock absorbers, forks & steering dampers and around 3million CES valves (an electronic suspension system integrating the latest hydraulic & electronic developments ensuring all 4 wheels of the car are controlled individually to maintain optimal suspension set up) each year.


For the bike world Ohlins suspension really is some of the most coveted in the market and a lot of this is down to their independent TTX damping system.  TTX enables parallel and separated oil flow and ensures optimal pressures at all times, ensuring initial smoothness, whilst allowing the suspension to stay high in travel to improve bump absorption, traction and stability.  With usable adjustment of low speed rebound and both low and high speed compression,  Ohlins suspension can be fine-tuned to your exact requirements.

 Loic Bruni Ohlins

Ohlins work closely with a number of bike manufacturers to ensure their forks & shocks work with the new breed of bikes and their products are tested at the highest level, being run by the likes of Fin Illes and current UCI DH world champion Loic Bruni.


Here at J-Tech Suspension we are proud to be an official Ohlins service centre.  This not only give us access to all the latest updates, but ensures we keep abreast with all their technical and servicing standards, to ensure we keep your Ohlins running smooth.


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