FOX GRIP2 Damper

FOX GRIP2 Damper

We are delighted to announce we now have stock of the phenomenal new Fox GRIP2 Damper


GRIP2 is the next-evolution sealed cartridge FIT system from FOX, their highest performing gravity-focused damper. The new damper shares its roots with the original GRIP architecture, but has been seriously enhanced with all-new technology: 4-way adjustability, VVC high-speed rebound circuit, high-performance mid-valve, and overall friction-reducing treatments.



The revolutionary design of the GRIP2 damper provides independently adjustable high- and low-speed compression and high- and low-speed rebound.

The adjustments also have a wider compression damping range to increase support without adding harshness.



FIT GRIP2 now features high-speed rebound using: Variable Valve Control (VVC).

It’s a way to adjust the high-speed rebound, effectively changing valve stiffness rather than adding preload.

Unlike normal adjusters that add valve preload, VVC uses a leaf spring to alter valve flex in the high-speed rebound circuit.



A sophisticated mid-valve design offers confidence-inspiring support that resists brake dive.

Tested and proven on the demanding World Cup Downhill circuit, GRIP2 has been relentlessly tuned to deliver just the right amount of support without harshness, giving it another level of refinement over previous generation dampers.


During the development of GRIP2, engineering uncovered improvements that greatly reduce friction.

Low friction seals help improve small bump compliance and honed, polished, and coated shaft and tube surfaces further eliminate friction for an unmatched ride experience.



"GRIP2 is a phenomenal damper, with almost no perceptible friction or pause between the compression and extension phase it captures the feel of a steel spring, but better as it has the complete controllability of air."


We are very excited to get our hands on these and as one of the first service centres in the UK to be fitting them, we're also very proud to be working with the team from FOX.


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