Winter Suspension Setup

Cold Weather Suspension Adjustments

Given the sudden drop in temperature we’ve been asked on more than one occasion what you should do with your suspension, to avoid the cold weather affecting setup.


In our opinion, leave it as it is.  We’ve seen mention in some quarters about potentially opening up compression and rebound a couple of clicks. Whilst this may seem a good idea at the start of a cold ride, it really doesn't take long for the internals to warm up on a descent and you then run the risk of your damping becoming too fast/soft.


If you have the time to stop and check temperatures and adjust back by a click once you’re feeling it getting a little fast, then sure, but to enjoy your ride to the fullest, just accept that the first part of a descent may seem a little harsh, but your suspension will soon warm up and you'll be firing it downhill with a massive grin on your face in no time.


The only thing we’d suggest is to check your air pressure – as you would in your tyres, if you’ve checked the pressure in a warm environment, when in a cold environment, the pressure then drops. So always check the pressure at the temperature you’ll be using it in to keep a consistent feel.  So just prior to setting off on your ride, check the pressure and adjust accordingly.


A simple way to do this would be with a digital shock pump, to give you a nice accurate reading.


And most of all, just remember to enjoy your ride, after all, winter miles mean summer smiles!

winter suspension setup


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