BRAND profile - RockShox

BRAND profile - RockShox

From RS-1 to Lyrik!

You all know Rockshox, of that we can be fairly certain, but do you know all about them?

We'll take a little look behind the scenes and bring you hopefully some interesting insight onto one the of the leading suspension brands in the bike world.


Founding Father

Rockshox was founded in 1989 in Boulder, Colorado by Paul Turner, the company then moved to California in 1993.

By 1997 the company had manufactured and sold 1million forks.

After a tough end to the 90's the company was bought out by SRAM in 2002 and production moved to Taiwan, where it is still produced.

SRAM gave stability to the brand and now see them going from strength to strength with strong OEM ties, ensuring their products are seen on all levels of bike the world over, from entry level hardtail's to the leading Downhill, Enduro and XC racers.


Key Product Areas

As part of the SRAM group RockShox focus heavily on 3 main areas.  Suspension forks, Shocks & Dropper posts, all of which can be found here -


Their RS-1 was the original suspension fork and in 2014 they re-introduced the name to spearhead their new upside down XC fork.

Nowadays they have a great range of products across all price points, ensuring there is a Rockshox fork to suit your needs.

One of the best things we have seen from them in recent years is their Charger 2.1 damper upgrade, which is a fully sealed unit offering improved high and low speed compression damping.


Their SuperDeluxe ultimate Air and Coil shocks offer a great mix of performance for the competent rider, where no-nonsense performance is the name of the game.

Featuring Maxima Plush fluid, solid threshold adjustment for pedalling performance, ride quality and compression adjustment to fine tune for any condition.



Their Reverb dropper post set the standard for Hydraulic posts and still remains one of the most popular dropper posts on the market.  Featuring a range of diameters and drop lengths as well as the new lever remote to make shifting more comfortable and reliable.


Check out the full range of RockShox products right here




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