ALL NEW Öhlins DH38 m.1

ALL NEW Öhlins DH38 m.1

ALL NEW Öhlins DH38 m.1 boasts cutting edge technology giving riders greater control

Improved air spring and damper and new low friction fluid boost the DH38’s sensitivity and adjustability

Advanced suspension technology manufacturer Öhlins have implemented a number of exciting upgrades to their popular DH38 platform, launching a new iteration of the fork: DH38 m.1. It’s capable of absorbing even the smallest of bumps as well as coping with the big drop offs, making for a smoother, faster, more controlled run.
The DH38 platform is used by multiple Downhill World Champion and World Cup winner Loïc Bruni, who will be pushing these new features to the limit as soon as the racing season is back on track. The new adjustments make downhill runs faster, with more control and comfort whether it's fitted to a pedal-powered or e-MTB gravity rig.

Key new features
  • New lubrication and functional grease to decrease the breakaway force and make the fork feel smoother.  
  • New seal head design with reduced friction that also enables increased oil levels for better lubrication.
  • Option to tune the negative chamber to be bigger for improved comfort or to add spacers for increased feedback and control.
  • Utilising the pressurized piston design taken from the highly rated RXF36 m.2 ensures even more consistent damper performance.
  • New needle design to increase adjustability of low-speed compression and rebound.


Additional Enhancements
  • Improved durability and serviceability, both in terms of construction and because more parts and kits are shared with RXF36 m.2.
  • New construction of ramp up tube to increase durability and minimize service down time.  
  • Redesigned high-speed and low-speed compression damping adjusters for better click feeling.   
  • Cassette tool interface implementation on both damper and air spring for easier take-down servicing and lower risk of scratching during maintenance
  • Refined one-way valve controlling twin tube oil flow, another design developed from the RXF36 m.2.

Key characteristics that this new update retains include:
  • 180 or 200 mm travel, possible to rebuild to 120-170 mm
  • Compatible maximum tire sizes 29 x 2.8 and 27.5 x 3.0.    
  • Design for 200mm disc 
  • 110mm Boost DH hub standard
  • Floating axle for minimum friction
  • Offset 46/50/54/58.  
  • E-bike approved
  • Cartridge based damper and air spring
  • Race proven setting bank


We'll be pulling a video together for this shortly over on Workshop Talks and we'll no doubt have some techy goodness for you all on TuneTip Tuesday, very soon.


In the meantime head on over to the product page for more info and to get yours ordered.

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