A Visit from MBUK

A Visit from MBUK

We love showing people around the workshop and chatting all things suspension, so when MBUK got in touch to arrange a visit we were more than happy to get it in the diary. 

After a few false starts with diary clashes, illness and other unforeseen events we finally got a date locked down for early October.

The plan for the day was for Will Soffe (presenter on MBUK's YouTube) and Kai (camera operator) to meet us at the workshop, we'd give them a bit of a tour before stripping Will's bike down and servicing the fork and shock on his long-term test bike. 

Will's suspension was getting the full treatment. The shock was stripped, a WPS piston kit was fitted and tuned and then rebuilt. Volume spacers were changed and adjusters set. 

For the fork, it was was stripped, an Andreani piston kit was fitted and then tuned, bushing resize and rebuild.  Change of volume spacers and adjusters set. 
Once everything had been setup and reinstalled it was time to set the sag and then head off for some all important testing. J-Tech is based in Shropshire, so with so much good riding locally we then headed up to the iconic Shropshire venue of Hopton Woods. 


Will was keen to get his fresh setup on to some "proper" trails from the off, so we headed straight up to the top of the downhill. The opening section makes for a perfect first roll out, not too tech, but plenty of roots and turns to see how the setup grips. 


After a few laps of the top section Will was marvelling at how different the setup felt to what he had previously, he noted a few times that the suspension felt bottomless and the setup was handling the roots with ease. 

We got some shots here and then we carried on moving down the hill to go and hit some gaps, you can't put a video on YouTube without getting the wheels off the ground after-all, it's standard procedure!

With corners hit, air got and final summaries given to camera, it was now time to head back to the cars and say our goodbyes before we lost the light completely. To check out the vid and to hear Will's thoughts on his new setup head to Bike Radar/MBUK YouTube channel

Massive thanks to Will and Kai for making their way up to Shropshire for the day, it was awesome to ride with you guys 🙌 

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