2021 Current Stock Situation

2021 Current Stock Situation

Stock Situation

Suffice to say 2020 didn’t exactly go to plan. The huge upturn in demand for bikes and accessories lead to a shortage in the whole of the global market and we were no exception.

2021 and with further lockdowns across the globe, not only are the bike brands playing catch up they also have more supply and production issues.

With more and more people out riding and putting their bikes through more and more abuse, we have seen a huge spike in demand for not only our service offering but also parts.

As we type this there is now a further hold up thanks to the container ship stuck in the Suez Canal.


Product Availability

We do have good stock of the majority of our lines, but there are a few where we are experiencing delays.  We have tried to note on each page any delays we are experiencing and mark them as Pre-Order. 

We strongly advise you to give us a call prior to placing your order so we can update you on our expected timings and work with you to ensure we get you the best suspension solution for your needs.


Should I pre-order?

If the fork is the one you want and you are happy that you understand the potential wait times, then yes absolutely.  Pre-Ordering means when we do have stock you are on the list to get one.  Anybody not pre-ordering will be reliant on us not selling enough to fulfil later orders.


I can see another retailer has the product I want

Firstly make sure they do actually have stock.  We have very strong relations with all of our suppliers, so if we haven’t got one it is likely they may not actually have one in stock either.

If they do, it may be that they got their orders in before us, so if that is the case and you have already pre-ordered with us, just give us a call and we can help resolve things.


So why can’t they just make more

Products are generally manufactured to a lead-time and sales estimate.  These production schedules are planning months, sometimes years in advance, so a massive global event such as COVID throws up issues.

The companies will not only be playing catch up on existing lines, but part of their resource will already be working on products we haven’t even heard of yet, so it is a balancing act for the brands to make the right calls.


Here for you

Above all don’t forget we are here to help you get the best for your bike and riding. 

We take extra time to ensure products are fully serviced and tuned to ensure you ride to the best of your ability and make the most of your time on the bike.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our service dept.


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