Why buy from J-Tech?

Why buy from J-Tech?

Tuning and servicing is what we are known for, it's the beating heart of what we do.

It makes sense then, as experts in suspension that you'd want to buy from us also. 

Why would you buy a fork or shock from us when you might be able to find it cheaper elsewhere? 

It's a good question, and when times are tough it's a question you should be asking...

The major difference with suspension you buy direct from us is that we strip, check and reassemble every fork or shock we sell and give it the complete J-Tech treatment. We can also custom tune using our in-house brand, WPS to elevate your fork or shock performance to the next level.

Now, don't get us wrong, we only deal in the finest of suspension brands in the world, but with production line manufacturing of large scale, international brands, mistakes do happen.

With our painstaking eye for detail we completely strip down the suspension product you've purchased, we check it for defects and then reassemble to the exact settings submitted by you, the customer, based on years of data, and finally we test on our dyno to make sure the fork or shock is performing to its full potential.

In essence, you are buying factory racing levels of prep and tuning at a consumer level. That is above and beyond, and is baked in to our pricing. 

Suddenly your purchase decision is looking all the more cost effective. Yes initially, a little more expensive, but with the peace of mind that your chosen suspension product is going to be fault free and buttery smooth as the manufacturer intended.

What brands do we stock and why?

We only stock brands that are offering cutting edge suspension performance, brands such as Öhlins, Fox, EXT, Cane Creek, RockShox, WPS, Vorsprung & Marzocchi.

You'll only find brands that we have comprehensively tested and used for many years, so you can be sure when you buy a product from us that it is going to be awesome! This takes all the work out of the equation for you and allows you to get on with the good stuff of riding your bike!




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