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Used 2021 Fox Float X2 210x55/52.5/50

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Used 2021 Fox Float X2  210x55/52.5/50

Shock will be supplied, checked over and custom tuned.

The shock is in excellent condition, showing no signs of use. It was used as a demo shock for 1 week in July 2021 by a customer.

The shock will come serviced and tuned for you and your bike. Mount kits will also be included.

Product Specs;

  • NEW graphics.
  • NEW chassis & damper.
  • Improved bearing ratio for metric sizes.
  • NEW detents on spring collar to prevent loosening under light preload conditions.
  • NEW high-flow main piston.
  • NEW MCU bumper for increased end stroke progression and bottom out control.
  • Matching 8-click HSC and HSR adjustment on Grip2 forks and X2 shocks.
  • Reduced friction.
  • Improved high-speed rebound tunability via addition of VVC (Variable Valve Control).
  • Increased control and decreased harshness via linear damping.
  • Steel outer body and finned inner body for improved structural rigidity and reduced hysteresis.
  • Ultra-low friction, highly durable damper shaft finish.
  • Independent firm mode circuit – firmer lockout than previous Float X2.
  • Reduced length reservoir for better fit on more frames.


• Low-speed compression
• High-speed compression
• Low-speed Rebound
• High-speed Rebound
• Air Pressure
• Volume Spacers



Float X2 Volume Spacers: Please click here

Mount Kit: Bushing 1/2" Universal Axle

Action Interval
Clean and Lubricate Every Ride
Inspect for scratches to stanchions, dents and other signs of wear Every Ride
Check bushing and mounting bolt torque Regularly
Full Service Every 125hrs of use / 12 months whichever comes first.