Cane Creek

Used 2020 Cane Creek IL Air 210x55mm

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Used 2020 Cane Creek IL Air 210x55mm

Shock will come checked over and custom tuned for you.

The Shock is in excellent condition, showing little signs of use.

The shock will come serviced and tuned for you and your bike. Mount kits will also be included.

The DBAIR IL is the first shock to feature Cane Creek’s LinEair Spring. Requiring a lower force to activate, the LinEair Spring provides the consistent feel of a coil shock from the initial stroke, full support during mid stroke and the added bonus of a progressive air spring curve when deep in the travel. The result is the best of both worlds, an air shock that feels more supple, linear and seamlessly supportive throughout its travel.



4-way independent adjustment:

• High speed compression

• Low speed compression

• High speed rebound

• Low speed rebound

• Climb Switch on/off