Used 2018 Ohlins TTX22 Specialized Enduro

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Used 2018 Ohlins TTX22 Universal 16 Series 216x63mm

The shock is in very good condition, with only small signs of use, only real notable marks being the scratches to the mounting end, pictured, whch would be covered when mounted in the bike. Each shock will be serviced and tuned for you, your bike and your riding style. The shock will also have with the correct mount kits for your bike included. Please contact us in order to discuss to correct spring for you which can be purchased separately.

TTX is the only shock technology that truly offers low hysteresis damping performance.  This translates into a ride quality of bump absorption and traction that is unmatched in the industry today.  The shock uses Öhlins patented twin-tube design to separate compression from rebound, and has been custom made for only Specialized.  The TTX also uses spherical bearings on the forward shock mount to allow the shock to rotate while the bike is under side-load, an advancement proven in the motocross industry by greatly improving cornering traction on rough terrain.

Technical Specifications:

  • Twin-Tube-Technology (TTX)
  • Weight between 425 and 460 g (without spring)
  • Aluminium design, hard anodized
  • Fully servicable and rebuildable


  • 3 clicks high speed compression damping
  • 16 clicks low speed compression damping
  • 7 clicks rebound damping