Used 2017 Ohlins RXF36 29" 150mm

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Used 2017 Ohlins RXF36 29" 150mm

The forks are in good condition. The steerer tube 1.5"-1.1/8" Tapered and cut to 183mm length. Each pair of forks will be serviced and tuned for you, your bike and your riding style. 

The RXF 36 is cross-compatible between Boost 29” and 650b+, as well as some 650b frames. Expanding the capabilities of the modern trail bike, adding even more traction and stability without adding unnecessary weight. The RXF 36 covers many bikes in the market and travel length can be adjusted for just £100. 

The fork features a twin tube design, enabling parallel and separated oil flow to ensure optimal pressure at all times. Controlling the pressure levels ensures initial smoothness and staying high in travel with maintained bump absorption, traction and stability. Low and high speed compression are externally adjustable.

Ohlins Part No. TBC

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight approx. 2050 g
  • Steerer tube 1.1/8"-1.5" Tapered - 183mm Length
  • Stroke 150 mm (Different Travel Length cartridge can be fitted for £130 £100)
  • Stanchion tubes 36 mm
  • Axle 15 x 110 mm
  • Offset 51 mm
  • Designed for wheel sizes 29 and 27,5+
  • Aluminium design, hard anodized
  • Shaft and crown from one piece (uni crown design). Use headset bearing with dimensions 45°/45° x 51.9 x 40.0 mm.
  • Fully servicable and rebuildable


  • Spring rate and progression external via air pressure
  • 5-click high speed compression damping
  • 24-click low speed compression damping
  • 24-click rebound damping

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