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Used 2017 Cane Creek Double Barrel Air CS 216x63

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Used 2017 Cane Creek Double Barrel Air CS 216x63

The shock is in very good condition with a XV air can fitted, The shock has nearly no signs of use.  Each shock will be serviced and tuned for you, your bike and your riding style. The shock will also have with the correct mount kits for your bike included.

Part No. - BAD0693


Weight: 500g (weight varies by size)

Damping: Twin-tube independent compression and rebound

4-way independent adjustment;

  • Air spring rate
  • High speed compression
  • Low speed compression
  • High speed rebound
  • Low speed rebound

Finish: Anodized and laser-etched

Mounting Interface: Norglide® bushing 1/2" Universal Axle

Air Volume: This DBair has been upgraded to the XV (Extra Volume) air can.

The XV can offers a higher air volume and is perfectly suited to bikes with a significantly progressive leverage ratio, such as Intense and Santa Cruz. These bikes require a more linear air spring. The less progressive air spring allows the rider to ride with more High Speed Compression while still achieving full travel.

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