RS Pike Air Shaft 26" 160mm / 27.5" 150mm / 29" 130mm & Yari/Lyrik 140mm Solo Air

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RockShox solo air Pike air shaft is made of high quality material. Genuine and original RockShox spare part. Solo air Pike A1 air shaft for 26-inch wheel. 35 mm upper tube diameter. Can be used to change travel to 160 mm on 26-inch/150 mm on 27.5-inch wheel and 140mm travel on Yari/Lyrik (all wheel sizes).

When adjusting your forks travel you are also adjusting the ratio between;

Air Chamber Volume:Wheel Travel 

For example, if you reduce your wheel travel travel you need to increase the number of Bottomless tokens to maintain the same level of progression.

Please click on the link HERE to see how many Bottomless tokens come fitted as standard, You may wish to add or remove tokens, once you have changed travel.  

To purchase more bottomless tokens please click here: Bottomless Tokens 

UK Product Code - R8026000A

RockShox Product Code - 

11.4018.026.000 Air Shaft Solo Air - PIKE (160mm 26/150mm 27.5/130mm 29),Yari/Lyrik 140mm