Rockshox Zeb Debonair 2021 Air Spring Upgrade

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Due Late August

The new air spring upgrade kit provides a the same great large negative air volume meaning the small bump sensitivity of the forks is maintained as less force is required to activate movement, while offering more support through the latter part of the travel. But with the revised balance point, reducing the size of the positive chamber, the fork will sit higher in the travel providing a more supportive platform around sag point.

Year - Model DebonAir Spring Dual Position Air Spring
2020+ Zeb

2020 Zeb

When adjusting your forks travel you are also adjusting the ratio between;

Air Chamber Volume:Wheel Travel 

For example, if you reduce your wheel travel travel you need to increase the number of Bottomless tokens to maintain the same level of progression.
Please click on the link HERE to see how many Bottomless tokens come fitted as standard, You may wish to add or remove tokens, once you have changed travel. To purchase more bottomless tokens please click here: Bottomless Tokens

Lower Leg Service

To fit the air shaft the lowers will need removing, why not carry out a lower leg service? Lower leg service kits HERE