Ohlins STX 22 Air Shock

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Free Tuning:

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• Specifically designed for the Enduro/trail segment
• Sizes: see options
• Auto sag (Specialized models only)
• STX-technology
• External rebound damping adjustment, high speed
• External compression damping adjustment, high and low speed
• Weight: 380 g
• SKF low friction seal


 Please note Bushings are not included, but can be purchased here.

Specialized and Öhlins, together offering a new level of performance not seen in air sprung shocks before. Based on the technology used in MX, Öhlins has developed STX22 air with the experience gained from over 300 world titles. STX22 air is released for model year 2016 in an Enduro version, the first in a series of applications to follow also including future aftermarket versions.

Analyzing the demands on an air sprung enduro & Trail shock Öhlins STX concept was the answer. Thanks to the lower damping levels compared to a coil sprung Downhill shock, a less complex product has been developed that still maintains high-performance functionality and offer ride effiency without tampering with downhill control. A large piston diameter balanced by a large compression valve ensures that internal pressures are kept under control, resulting in low hysteresis and excellent damping response.

Low and high speed compression and rebound damping are externally adjustable. The same type of adjusters as the TTX is used with an additional platform damping, a stability mode facilitating long climbs with maintained traction.

The air spring features a new seal system optimized for low friction but also to give a smooth balancing of pressure between the air chambers, The result is initial suppleness supported by mid-stroke control and that extra bottom out resistance coming from air spring characteristics.

More coming soon...

Action Interval
Clean and Lubricate Every Ride
Inspect for scratches to stanchions, dents and other signs of wear Every Ride
Check bushing and mounting bolt torque Every Ride
Air Can Service Every 100hrs of use / 12 months whichever comes first.
Full Service Every 100hrs of use / 12 months whichever comes first.