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J-TECH Shock Spring Bearing

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J-TECH spring bearings will let your shock and/or fork spring rotate during use. Giving the shock a more sensitive feel and more grip!

Please note, not suitable for fitment on the new Ohlins TTX22m.2 shock.

As a coil spring is compressed, it actually twists up on itself and causes some stiction within the movement of the fork/shock. Fitting a spring bearing will virtually eliminate this stiction and allow the spring to work freely. This will give you a more active feel with increased sensitivity, which ultimately gives you more grip.

Available to fit all shocks with spring inside diameters (ID) of 35mm (Fox), 36mm (CCDB, Bos, Ohlins, etc) and 38mm (RS Super Deluxe and Vivid) & (EXT). They will fit with standard springs as long as there is enough preload adjustment to accommodate the bearing stack height of 8.5mm.


Also available to fit a 38mm or 1.5" ID spring (like K9 or Obtanium) to 35mm (Fox) and 36mm (CCDB, Bos, etc) shocks. These are listed as 35/38mm and 36/38mm respectively. You will need to order a Spring Adaptor to go at the other end of the spring when choosing this option (See options).


For Ohlins TTX22 shocks, use a 36mm spring bearing fitted to the rebound eyelet end of the spring.