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J-TECH HD Mount Kit 1/2" Trek Trunnion Bolt Conversion

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Some Trek bikes use a trunnion mount style shock mounting on a non-standard trunnion size shock. 

This means your choice of shocks is Zero. However here at J-TECH we have created a mount kit alternative meaning you can fit a 230mm standard eyelet shock to your bike. 

The kit is designed for use when replacing the Original shock from your Trek Bike to an aftermarket standard eyelet version, The mount kit allows you to keep the original trunnion bolt mounting style. 

Heavy Duty mount kits consisting of a high grade stainless steel shaft, 2 anodised alloy or Nylon/3D Printed Nylon Spacers, 2 rubber seals and a high quality, hard wearing IGUS eyelet bushings.

This combination of parts will give you a super tough, super hard wearing and low friction mount kit for your shock, with very little extra weight over an alloy reducer and DU bush arrangement.

Please note stroke lengths of the shock must be checked before fitting to Trek Rail bikes. Shock to Frame clearance is an issue when using some models of shock.


For all shocks with 1/2" compatible mounting hardware.  Shocks that require 1/2" mount kits have a 15.07mm eyelet and use a 12.7mm shaft.
Manufacturer  Compatible
EXT All EXT Shocks
Fox All Fox Shocks
Rockshox All Rock Shox Shocks
Marzocchi All Marzocchi Shocks
Ohlins Please Contact/Measure
Cane Creek All IL Models, Other models please contact/measure.
Bos 2016 Onward, Pre-16 use 12mm
Manitou Some Models, Please measure