Settings Request

Struggling with setup? At a loss with all your settings? Look no further...

Just fill out, in detail, the form below and we'll send you back some base settings to get you well on your way to perfect setup! 

The settings we will email you will be based on years of work gathering data through Data Logging and Dyno testing. So they will be accurate, so long as you give accurate information, so please make sure you add as much detail as possible. Lack of detail will cause a delay in completing your settings.

Each request is just £15 per bike to cover our time putting together your settings. Once you submit your completed form, you need to purchase the request by clicking on the product here.

**Please make sure that your suspension has been recently serviced (or new) and fault free, otherwise the settings you get will be useless if your suspension isn't working correctly in the first place!**

**Due to massive demand, it may take 3-5 working days for us to get your settings sent out, so please be patient!**





££ Settings Request Payment ££