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Ohlins RXF34/36 Air Performance Upgrade

Had your recall carried out yet?

If not, do that first here -

If yes, head to the Ohlins website to claim your voucher -


As soon as you've got your voucher, forward it to us in an email to . We'll then be able to advise when you can book in your fork for service and have the upgrade fitted. If you just book the fork in, we can't guarantee that we'll have the upgrade parts in stock in time to carry out the work.


So, what do you get?

The Performance Upgrade includes:

New SKF Wiper seals, reducing friction and increasing protection against contaminates getting into the fork

New damper piston band, reducing friction, which will equate to more grip!

New 'EVO' decal.

New larger negative air volume, for a more supple start to the stroke and more mid stroke support.

New bushing clearance tolerance, to reduce friction and wear.


Then you also get damper and air spring service kits with the voucher, so all the parts are free!


How much will it cost?

All you'll pay for is our labour to service the fork and any delivery charges required.

Labour = £55

Collection (if required) = £14

Delivery (if required) = £9


How do I book? 

As above, get your voucher code to us straight away, so we can then claim the parts from Ohlins. We'll then give you a date for when the parts will be with us, so you can then jump onto our online booking system to book a service slot that suits you -


What info do you need to provide?

All the info we require is on the booking form, via the link above. Just add in the notes that you've already sent us your voucher.


Got a Coil fork and want the upgrade too?

Bear with us on this, we're waiting on Ohlins to provide us with a delivery date and price. Air forks will take priority as they've had so much downtime with recall. So Ohlins are putting all efforts into that before offering the upgrade as a purchasable item. 

Why don't you get it for free if you're a coil owner then?

Well, it's not a compulsory upgrade. It's an evolution of your existing fork. So if you want to improve on that, then that's a choice not a necessity, or requirement. We think the coil fork is a fantastic fork already, so it's not like you've got an under performing fork now. The upgrade is being offered to Air fork owners as a compensation for the downtime they had during the recall.