Data Logging

Applications for 2017 have now been taken and all spaces filled. Please get in touch if you'd like to be considered for the reserve list.


What's it all about?...

Data logging is gathering information from a bike using the latest technology in data acquisition equipment, as you're riding it. Our equipment will measure:

• Front and rear suspension travel

• Front and rear suspension velocities

• Wheel speed

• Fore/aft acceleration

• Left/right acceleration

• Up/down acceleration

• Combined G-Force

• Static Sag

• Dynamic Sag


From all this information gathered, we can analyse the bikes performance and make calculated adjustments to the suspension. After a few runs, the optimum settings can be found to make the bike work for you and your style of riding.


How much difference will this make – is it worth it?

Even if you think that you have your bike setup near perfect, it’s very likely that it’s actually not and you could be getting a much better ride!

J-TECH’s Data Logger can measure your bikes performance so accurately that it can identify the smallest of changes. Taking data 1000 times a second, it's some of the most accurate equipment available. 

Every time someone does a data logging day, they notice an improvement – run times of 10 seconds faster have been recorded with the same bike, same rider, same suspension, same conditions and on a track the rider knows like the back of their hand! It really does make a difference! You'll notice that the bike feels more balanced, and because it's not doing anything 'quirky', you can forget about the bike and concentrate on your lines. This makes a massive difference when racing - the less you have to think about the better and the gain in confidence that you've left nothing to guessing will give you that extra edge.

Even if you've had your suspension tuned to your weight and bike, you still need to get your bike data logged to get it perfect. There are so many variables that affect the suspension characteristics on a mountain bike. For example, every spring made is not exactly the same, there are tolerance differences in shocks/forks of the same make/model, every rider (even of the same weight and height) will ride their bike slightly different to the next rider, etc. It's surprising how much settings can vary for riders of the same weight, just because of how they ride. So it's invaluable to get it correctly setup, and there's not a faster and accurate way of doing it than data logging.

We recommend that you are a rider of good ability and above, who can ride constantly over 8+ runs of a track in order to get good consistent data. 

Check out this video taken of Data Logging, using our old equipment, in some horrible conditions at Llangollen...



How, when, where, how much?

If you are interested in a Data Logging Day, you need to apply to be selected. We have to do this as we have more demand for the service than time available to provide it. Selection is done based on how much we think you can benefit from data logging. Applications are taken in December for the following year.

If you've been selected and we've arranged a date and venue, you will need to get your bike or suspension to J-TECH for a check over or service to make sure everything is working correctly before starting the Data Logging, you may choose to have some additional tuning work also.

On the day you will be required to do consistent runs of a chosen track. After each run, data will be analysed and changes made, until optimum settings are achieved. Each run will be timed to monitor progress in run times.

Pricing will vary depending on where in the country you want to go. Standard price for Data Logging, within a 40 mile radius of J-TECH  HQ, is £170 per day. This doesn't include uplift, you must book the uplift yourself.

A small price to pay if the difference is winning or losing!!