Update as of 26/05/20

In line with the Governments latest update regarding non-essential shops, we will be able to accept visitors from the 15th June. So you can drop off/collect your items for service/tuning and collect orders from our premises. We will be operating on an appointment only basis, so please don't arrive before speaking to us. 

Service/tuning items:

  • For anything booked in on a slot on or after 15th June, it can be dropped off/collected in person. Please call to arrange an appointment before arriving. 
  • For anything completed between now and the 15th June, you can collect on or after the 15th June, just let us know if you'd like to do this before we've completed the work booked. 
  • We will now be discontinuing our free collection offer, as it's now possible for you to drop off in person or safely send via your own means. 
  • DPD Drop Off option still isn't available. When DPD make this available again, we will too. 
  • Please make sure items that are dropped off are clean on arrival. We will refuse to accept dirty items.

Online/email/phone orders:

  • Collect in store option will be available on our website from 15th June. Please call to make an appointment for your collection.
  • If you have already placed an order, or place an order between now and the 15th June and would like to collect on or after the 15th June, please let us know and we'll amend your order and refund any delivery charges paid. Again, please make an appointment for your collection before arriving. 

In both cases, please make an appointment before visiting and make sure everything is paid for before arriving.

  • On arrival, please place your items by the door (if dropping off), then ring the door bell, step back behind the line, away from the door, and wait for a member of staff to come to the door.
  • If dropping off - we will then check the items quickly before confirming you can leave.
  • If collecting - We will place your items/order by the door, thank you for your business and close the door.
  • You can then step forward and collect your items/order. Please do not cross the line until we have closed the door. 

All items/orders will be cleaned and disinfected before handing over to you and we're carrying out all precautions to ensure everything that comes in and out is cleaned and disinfected, for both our safety and yours. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to seeing you soon. Many thanks from all the team here at J-Tech Suspension.


Update as of 10/05/20

There will be no changes to our operations, following the Prime Minister's speech this evening.

  • We're taking calls during opening hours of 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.
  • We're replying to emails, be patient though - we've been getting 3 times the normal volume over the last 6 weeks!
  • We're sending out website orders as quickly as possible.
  • We're working on items for service/tuning, with free DPD collections* to get your items to us, you just pay the delivery back to you.
  • We're disinfecting all goods in and out of the premises and staff are following all guidelines to make sure everyone's safe.
  • We are not accepting any visitorsPlease see reasons below.

We'd just like to stress to our customers that we are not a bike shop and so, we are classed as a 'non-essential business'. This means that we cannot accept visitors to our premises, but we can operate as an 'online retailer', as we have been for the last 6 weeks. We've been offerning free DPD collections*, at a cost of £14 per collection to us, to help support you and keep servicing/tuning work flowing through the workshop. We will carry on doing exactly that until the Government lift the restrictions on non-essential buisnesses (shops), which is planned for June 1st, progress pending.  

We keep getting asked if you can drop items/bikes off and/or collect orders, from both locals and from further afield. Sorry, but we cannot accept visitors, not only for the reasons above, but also to protect ourselves, our families and the local community.  We are also asked about click and drop options.  As we stand our DPD collections* offer means that you don't even need to leave your home and for deliveries out, it's next working day delivery, so there is very little time to get your items returned to you

So please, be understanding of the situation and respect our policy to keep everyone safe. 

Thanks to all our great customers that have kept us super busy over the last 6 weeks and have been patient and understanding with us. We really appreciate your custom. 

Stay safe, and thanks for reading.

 *DPD collections are for UK mainland only.


Update as of 09/04/20

We're still operating as per the details below. Unfortunately we've had a few people ignoring what we ask and have either tried to pressure us into allowing them to drop off/collect in person, or just turned up at our premises. Please be sensible about the current situation - we are doing all we can to ensure the safety of both ourselves and you, our customers. We all have a responsibilty to follow guidelines for essential travel, to prevent the spread of this disease. Lets work together to get through this and please take adavnatage of our free DPD collection service. All you have to do is package your items and we'll do the rest.

Thanks for reading, we wish you a happy Easter and hope you stay safe.


Update as of 24/03/20

In line with the latest restrictions put in place by the Government, we are still operating as a business, just not open to the public. 

This means we cannot accept any visitors. However, we can still work on your suspension and send out your orders.

Any existing workshop bookings that weren't booked with a courier collection - we'll be in contact with you on 24/03/20 to arrange a free DPD collection from your home address (UK mainland only). Any that were to be collected in person will now have to be sent out via DPD, we'll be in contact to arrange.

If you want to get your suspension serviced and/or tuned ready for when you can ride again, we'll be offering free DPD collections from your home address (normally £14). So please take advantage of this offer while you're not using your bike.

We will be operating with only essential staff and implementing all precautions to ensure everything enters and exits our premises as clean as it can be. 

If you wish to get in touch, we're available between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday to answer your calls and reply to emails. We will be closed on Saturday mornings until further notice.

We thank you for your business and hope you all stay safe and healthy in these extraordinary times.

Stay safe.