Rockguardz Carbon Mudguardz

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Carbon Fibre* mudguards, designed specifically as small as possible but with big Mud Stopping capabilities.

They significantly reduce mud and dust build up on the fork stanchions during a ride which will prolong your fork life and keep them operating at top performance throughout your ride.

They are located onto rubber pads with Zip Ties (included in the Package) which mounts it securely to the Fork Bridge and fork leg making the guard super solid and silent when fitted, in operation they are silent and the low, sleek look is cutting edge.

Mud clearance is good, the gap between your tyre and fork bridge is the minimum clearance, as the guard is a slightly larger diameter than the wheels clearance in maximised but maintaining the low look.

They can be used with all wheel sizes, 26", 650B and 29er for XC, Trail, Enduro and DH Bikes.